The buzz of Tulum:

It’s where I learned the extreme sport of kiteboarding. That’s how I discovered what Tulum is all about.

Scooting along the crystalline blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean my kite powered by wind and warmth, bouncing along the rhythmic waves of the ocean, looking back toward shore at the swayin palm trees and white soft cool sand, only a few peeps walking the beaches- Tulum and kiteboarding are heaven on earth. Its what made me fall in love with the area. Once an unorganized and undiscovered territory of Mexico and largely unappreciated until recently, in the past 5-10 years Tulum has become the hot bed of activity. It is now its own new municipality. Tulum real estate and development are attracting investors from around the world.

I love Tulum and why I bought real estate in Tulum. I believe in Tulum as a gathering place for interesting people and experiences. With the New Tulum international airport, unspoiled Tulum beaches, a profitable Tulum real estate wave, and hip, pulsating beach clubs, yummy Mexican food, Italian fusion atmosphere, Tulum is the boom. Pristine, protected, undeveloped, deep long white sand beaches define the Sian Kaan Biosphere and the Boca Paila fishing lodge, famous for its bone fishing in the worlds largest salt water lagoon, also home to Manatees and monkeys. Eco hotels, eco lots, unplug, get away from it all, this is what the Tulum lifestyle is all about.

Jungle adventures in Tulum, Cenote diving, Mayan ruins of Tulum on the beach, all of this speak of its ancient and magical roots. It’s a story waiting to be experienced.

Raw and uncensored -its all perfect and waiting for you.