Cozumel Real Estate and Area Info

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Cozumel is the island jewell of Mexico. Mexico's only Caribbean island, it has a flavor and style distince from Playa del Carmen and the rest of the Riviera Maya Mexico.

Make no mistake, though, Cozumel is where all the international Tourism and  international diving interest in the area began, after Jacques Coustea visited the area in the early 70's. He called Cozumel and the Meso America reef the best diving in the world after the great Barrier reef.

Home to some of the world's most exotic fish and sea life,  Cozumel offers scuba diving, fishing, wild life viewing, kayaking, beach combing and the newest extreme sport. kite surfing Cozumel. AS well there is golf, and night life, great restaurants, biking, mayan villages, Cozumel museums and much more to explore. 

Cozumel tourism existed well before Playa and Cancun. Now it is a major port for cruise ships, bringing even more international visitors. Sometimes there are 11 ships in port on one day on this tiny island. This year in 2010, the cruise ship in the world, "Epic" docked in Cozumel port as part of its maiden voyage. 

As a result of steady tourism in Cozumel over the last 40 years, there has been a steady interest in Cozumel real estate and vacation properties Cozumel. Please see my Cozumel real estate page for more info. 

Most of COZUMEL REAL ESTATE has been developed on the west side of the island (facing Riviera Maya coastLINE) going south and north. The east side of the island is the wild side and there you can walk for miles on undeveloped beaches and in national parks.

With all the activities and the very laid back pace of Cozumel, the real estate Cozumel offers many opportunities for the astute real estate investor.

Cozumel Vacation homes are usually less expensive for more space than on the mainland, however Cozumel real estate is very active. Average price ranges for Cozumel homes are between 180,000 usd to 450,000 usd, currently and this depends on size and neighborhood.

Cozumel beachfront homes are in high demand and in limited supply, thereby giving rise to their higher prices. Average prices for a beach front residence Cozumel is between 800,000 usd- 2 million dollars.

Cozumel real estate development Cozumel condos have been more limited over time. Buying a condo in Cozumel means bigger interior spaces as well lower prices.

Even Cozumel beachfront condos are in limited supply. All of the beachfront condos Cozumel are built mainly the along the north end of the island. They are usually newer, with more luxurious finishes, making it a very good real estate investment in Cozumel, especially due to the limited supply. Many expats have made the choice to retire in Cozumel giving rise to a very strong expat retirement community.

For more details on retiring in Mexico, or Cozumel real estate, or Cozumel beach front condos please see some of my listings here